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Volunteer Week 2021

Volunteer Week 2021

Dear Valued Volunteers,

Following a year where the unprecedented became the norm, Australia’s 6 million volunteers have been working hard, dedicating over 600 million hours in total to helping others. By others, we mean people and animals.

Western Australian Seabird Rescue has been rescuing and rehabilitating sick and injured seabirds (and waterbirds) for 16 years. 

In keeping with this year’s theme, Western Australian Seabird Rescue would like to thank all of you dedicated volunteers.

RECOGNISE – celebrate and thank volunteers for the vital role they play in our lives.

We recognise that you:

  • give up your valuable time to offer refuge to sick and injured seabirds.
  • sacrifice your weekends and holidays to be there for a bird in need.
  • turn your backyards into a zoo
  • go out of your way to monitor birds that cannot be easily caught.
  • usually get wet!
  • are brave, and sometimes put yourself into tricky situations to rescue a bird.
  • spread the word and promote WASR to your local community.
  • answer phones, apply for grants, liaise with local government, and talk to the press.
  • You are amazing!

RECONNECT – to what is important by giving our time to help others and ourselves.

  • Western Australian Seabird Rescue is a strong community that connects like-minded folk. 
  • You could be studying Vet medicine or have some extra time as a retiree, volunteering at Western Australian Seabird Rescue is of benefit to us all. 
  • Whether it be a pathway to further employment or a sense of connection and mental well-being, your connection to our wildlife and one another, means the world to us.

REIMAGINE – how we better support volunteers and communities they help.

  • Across Australia, during Covid19, two-thirds of volunteers stopped working.  People are becoming increasingly time-poor and are more likely to experience high degrees of uncertainty or stress.
  • Western Australian Seabird Rescue is always looking for ways to engage and support volunteers so you can continue the necessary work that you do.   Your suggestions are always welcome. 

Thank you for all you do, always.

Fiona O’Sullivan



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