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Swan Cygnet Rescue Forestdale Lake

Swan Cygnet Rescue

Early 5am start at Forrestdale Lake this morning to rescue 171 cygnets from the lake. The seasonal lake is not far off from being completely dried out leaving the cygnets stuck and also at risk of being predated upon by foxes, so this annual rescue operation is critical.

It was a loooong walk by over 190 volunteers out to the South, East and West wings of the lake in our gumboots through reeds taller than us and sludge that was knee deep in some parts or thigh deep if you were unlucky to find the pot holes! The rescue was coordinated by DBCA with a stellar effort by all the wildlife rehab groups – WA Seabird Rescue, Darling Range Wildlife Shelter WA, WA Wildlife, Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre along with Armadale community groups and many other volunteers.

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