1. To rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured seabirds and waterbirds;
  2. To raise awareness of the threats faced by seabirds and waterbirds and educate the general public about what can be done to prevent their suffering;
  3. To educate recreational anglers in ways to prevent injury to seabirds while fishing
Our group was formed in 2003 after veteran wildlife rehabilitator Margaret Larner moved to Mandurah and was devastated to see the dreadfully high rates of fishing tackle entanglement, particularly in pelicans. Mandurah is a seaside town on the Peel-Harvey Estuary and a popular fishing and boating area. Margaret  approached Linda Emery of the Mandurah Rangers office for help in setting up a wildlife rescue group and with funding and support from the City of Mandurah, Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Planning and Infrastructure (Coastwest) and Protection of the Earth and Wildlife Association (PEWA) Western Australian Seabird Rescue was formed. In Ballina, NSW, the founders of Australian Seabird Rescue Marny Bonner and (the late) Lance Ferris had developed innovative techniques for rescuing seabirds,especially pelicans. Our sponsors flew Lance and Marny to Mandurah to hold the first rescue workshop in 2004.
Our most active rescuers and rehabilitates are in Perth, Busselton, Rockingham and Albany.Last year our volunteers rescued and rehabilitated more than 400 birds across 37 species including Pelicans, Giant petrels, Black Swans, Shearwaters, Gannets, Cormorants, Penguins and Prions. We conduct rescue training workshops twice a year and attract a broad sector of people including anglers, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinary science students and government employees and we go out into the community to give educational talks. 



Halina Burmej
president @wasr.org.au

Fiona O'Sullivan
treasurer @wasr.org.au

Helen Dowdell


Committee Members
Barbara Manson
Leeanne Beavis
Mark Loader
Bianca MacIntyre

President Dr Halina Burmej

President Dr Halina Burmej