NOTE: WASR does not have a Clinic or Centre and all volunteer roles are undertaken at your own home or in the field. Due to insurance issues volunteers must be AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS.

Rescue Volunteer
As a rescue volunteer you must be available on a semi-regular basis e.g. most Monday mornings or weekend afternoons to attend rescues in your local area, have your own transport and attend a one day training course/induction before buddying up with an existing rescue volunteer. Volunteers need to be reasonably fit and healthy with no preexisting medical conditions. Volunteers will also have to dedicate time to "buddy" with one of our experienced Seabird Rescuers to learn the skills you need to successfully and safely undertake a rescue on your own.

Admin/Fund Raising Volunteer
As an admin/fund raising volunteer you will need to be able to commit to occasional meetings with the Executive Committee and/or individual members. You will need to have access to email and the internet and be available to help out at fund raising events such as festivals, quiz nights and coffee stalls etc.

Home Rehabilitation Volunteer
As a home rehabilitation volunteer you will need to be able to house sick, injured or orphaned seabirds/waterbirds at your own home. Wildlife can harbour all types of disease and so strict quarantine and hygiene practices must be used and you must have the resources to house various species. This volunteer field is particularly time consuming, costly and volunteers will need to attend several training courses to meet minimum standard competencies in wildlife rehabilitation to be able to home rehabilitate Seabirds.

All volunteers must have good communication/people skills.


Please Email to enquire about volunteering